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 Tuesday 6th March 2012 was the 30th birthday of High Sports.  By coincidence it was also the last lecture in the High Sports Winter lecture series THE LOCAL SPOT at the Gateway, and where better to celebrate the occassion than with our staff and many of our customers old & new. A welcome drink, balloons and even the obligatory chorus of  "Happy Birthday" got the atmosphere going, but how many times have you been to a public lecture and then be part of a mass audience photo (like a school photo, great fun).  Thanks to STEVE HUGHES PHOTOGRAPHY (07774 299667) for his contribution and excellent photo. The evening was made up of 4 short presentations; A photo quiz by Stuart Cathcart (High Sports) a semi nostalgic look back at the last 30 years.  Jamie & Alastair Drummond and their commendable & epic 500mile loop kayak trip down the river Severn and around the coast of Wales,  Dennis Lee (Denz) a beautiful presentation "Girls on Tour" cycling destinations around the world, and finally the climbing team Sean Grady (High Sports), Ed Booth, Tom Fenwick - "A year in the life of rock jocks".   An inspirational variety of outstanding short lectures that ended with a short film of nail biting and sweaty palm drama by the climbers of a second ascent of the potential killer climb Self Harmer.

"The whole Local Spot evening and 30th celebration encompassed the true spirit of High Sports, a genuine spectacle of dedication, friendship and community brought about by a mutual love of the outdoors and mountains, anyone who wasn't there missed something very special". 

Thanks to all -  Stuart Cathcart

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