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Cadair Berwyn Standing Stone

High Sports staff, friends and customers of all ages headed up to Cadair Berwyn last Sunday to re-erect the standing stone which had been knocked down quite a while ago. I think we were all surprised at how heavy it actually was but we managed to get it up quite quickly and overall it was a great day with perfect weather!

It was nice to see it up again as we walked into the distance so next time you're out running through the hills in the fog you'll be able to use it to navigate by - forget that GPS and do it the old fashioned way! Hopefully it'll be up for another hundred years. There was a dual purpose to re-erecting the stone, as a memorial to Johnny 'Noddy' Holder who many were lucky enough to share time with in the Berwyns and other mountains, an infamous Munroist, supporter of the bothy tradition, all round mountain man of great character and a genuine friend who sadly past away last year, no there's no plaque just the stone is testimony enough. Visit SJ080337 Thanks to all who made the trip !


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