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Celebrities @ High Sports

These are some of the famous faces & good friends who have passed through our door, given their time to help raise funds for the Youngsters in the Mountains and entertained us with their awesome stories over the years at the HIGH SPORTS WINTER LECTURE SERIES.



Martyn Farr - December 2016.  The energetic & high motivated Martyn gave a full house an incredible insight into the necky world of deep cave diving with his Darkness Beckons lecture.



Calum Muskett - November 2016  Opening the 2016/17 HS Winter Lecture Series with an impressive lecture setting the standard for the rest of the Series and for all aspiring young climbers.  (photo Adam Booth, Simon Cathcart, Ed Booth & Calum Muskett  (L to R)


The HS Annual Photo Competition - March 2016  L-R  Stuart Cathcart, Paul Martin (winner), Pat Novelli (Runner up). Yet another very high standard competition , audience voting chose a traditional but lucky weather moment shot of Snowdon from Crib Goch.


The Local Spot - March 2016  L-R  Phil Goddard (Mt. Kilimanjaro), Milly & Dave Manby, with glasses (Grand Canyon rafting), Andy Myers (Shropshire Rock film), Baz Whale (Canadian Bugaboos).


Bill Birkett - February 2016   Charlie Leventon (left) Bill Birketts partner in climbs from back in the day. Bill presented a uniquely historic look at the Lake District "Birkett Dynasty" of hundreds of first ascent over three generations.


Andy Reeve - January 2016  "Off the map in Patagonia" a funny and interesting look into the background areas of Patagonia climbing rarely, if ever, visited and huge sea cliffs of the Shetland Isles.


Andy Kirkpatrick - December 2015  "Cold Mountain" as always from Andy an entertaining gut wrenching delivery of some of his most extreme cold climbs, brilliant as ever.


The Wild Bunch - November 2015  The adventures of the "Dodo's Delight" Captain Bob Shepton's yacht taking 4 Patagonia sponsored over active young climbers into remote Arctic big wall fjords new routing. L-R Bob, Sean Villanueva, Oliver & Nico Favresse. An hilarious and gripping introduction to the series and probably one of the best presentations in the history of the HS Series.


JAMES McHAFFIE 2015 (500 x 377)

James McHaffie - March 2015 Winter lecture.  100 Extremes in 19 hours in The Lake District in 2014, stranded on Great Wall for 4 hours in 2000 and free climbing the hardest big wall routes on El Capitan and Long Hope on Hoy all the subject James McHaffies rivetting lecture, a modest climber at the top of his game.   L - Stuart Cathcart, R - James McHaffie.


LOCAL SPOTTERS 2015 (600 x 364)

The Local Spot - February 2015  A packed audience were treated to another 5 inspiring presentations from "Local Adventurers". First up and headlining the event with a jaw dropping presentation by mountain sports sponsored athlete and local Shrewsbury lad was Finn McCann (T shirt centre right in photo), from big walls in the Yosemite valley to the serious Droites north face and speed gliding off remote peaks in Greenland and the Mt. Blanc range.  Followed by Terry Davies (centre red jacket) talking about 47 years of the hugely popular Long Mynd Hike supported with photos from The Hike years by Charlie Leventon (red sweater). Ian Yarroll & Jon Power (check shirt and far right side) inspired us with tempting wilderness bike packing trips in Iceland & the Himalayas. Two quick films divided up the talks with an award winning 3 minute film of the Hadrian's Wall Trail by Mike Moore & Mike Clough and a gripping high ball bouldering film by Andy Myers of the exuberant local rock master Tom Fenwick (white sweater) on the chopper climbs Thumbalina & Cornelius. An exceptional value evening of entertainment not to have missed.

TRINITY STREET AT LS 2015 (600 x 482)

The Local Spot - February 2015   Shrewsbury folk band  'Trinity Street'  provided addictive musical entertainment between presentations at the 2015 Local Spot. Thanks lads. L-R Richard Payne, Stuart Altman & Steve Hall.


Martin Boysen - January 2015.  Author of Hanging On, and the Grand Daddy of modern rock climbing gave an historic, eloquent and entertaining lecture based on lifetime dedicated to every aspect of climbing from the sandstone boulders of Harrison's Rocks to Himalayan summits, he obviously attracted a full audience, of all ages. A contender for one of the best lectures in the 15 years of the High Sports Winter Lecture Series.  Photo: Martin Boysen & Stuart Cathcart.

NEIL GRESHAM LECTURE 2014 (500 x 459)

Neil Gresham - December 2014 Winter lecture. The man who brought climbing into a totally new era the 90's with his Masterclass DVD's and intensive training regimes has certainly not lost any of his own personal edge or enthusiasm for the sport. A stunning lecture across all aspects of the sport highlighting on his more recent passion for the scary big sea cliffs DWS - Deep Water Soloing. Photo: Neil Gresham & Stuart Cathcart.

IMG_9610 (600 x 450)

James Smith - 2014/15 Winter lecture Series was supposed to kick off on 18th Nov 2014 with South African Red Bull Kayaker Steve Fisher who had to cancel his UK Tour at the last minute, this opened an opportunity for the charismatic UK new wave paddler James Smith to step up to the mark. James gave his first ever public presentation !, and one of High Sports most memorable shows featuring awesome extreme kayaking from his latest "All India Kayak Expedition". Well done James. Steve Fishers loss our gain !   Photo: James Smith flanked by High Sports staff Simon Cathcart and Pete Sanger


The Local Spot March 2014 "Local Adventurers" L-R: Alex Rankin, Mike Davies, Stuart Cathcart, Dave Manby, Sean Grady & Ton Fenwick.


Tom Randall & Pete Whittaker - The Wide Boyz,  February 2014  The lads took to the stage to expose us all to secret world of hard offwidth climbing. Pictured here presenting a YM award to Shantell McCarthy from Lacon Childe schoool.


Bob Shepton - January 2014  Bob was back to talk more of his north-west passage crossings and amazing Greenland big wall adventures.


Adam Booth - December 2013  High Sports Ambassador Adam Booth (Black T shirt 3rd in from the right) talked us through his successful Everest Summit.

eric boomer

Eric Boomer & Sarah -  November 2013  The series got off to a sensational start, with Eric Boomer showcasing some amazing film. The night included descending some of the highest waterfalls in the world and crossing Baffin Island.


The Local Spot - March 2013   The series finished with the ever popular Local Spot. Inspirational presentations covered climbing Half Dome and big rope swings in Yosemite, Shropshire hills folklore, cycling through Malawi and climbing the north face of the Eiger.


Gary Gibson - February 2013 brought us Mr.New Router Record Holder Gary who spoke openly about his obsession with new routes and how his drive to do them sometimes left him on the other side of the ethical boundary.


Nick Bullcok  January 2013  Nick woke up his audience with his loud and outlandish tales of E9 death routes in North Wales, mixed climbs of the highest difficulty in Canada and Alaska,  and gnarly expedtions in the greater ranges.


Mark Hines - December 2012 Mark Hines explained what it takes and how it feels to compete in the toughest ultra-marathons around the world

Johnny Dawes - The weird and wonderful world of charming & charismatic Johnny Dawes opened the 2012/13 lecture series, with tales from his notorious ascents and insights into his unique views on movement, climbing and life.

loclaspot 30th

BIRTHDAY LOCAL SPOT - Tuesday 6th March 2012 was the 30th birthday of High Sports.  By coincidence it was also the last lecture in the High Sports Winter lecture series THE LOCAL SPOT at the Gateway, and where better to celebrate the occassion than with our staff and many of our customers old & new.  Thanks to STEVE HUGHES PHOTOGRAPHY   for his contribution and excellent photo (click on it to see a bigger version). The evening was made up of 4 short presentations; A photo quiz by Stuart Cathcart (High Sports) a semi nostalgic look back at the last 30 years.  Jamie & Alastair Drummond and their commendable & epic 500mile loop kayak trip down the river Severn and around the coast of Wales,  Dennis Lee (Denz) a beautiful presentation ”Girls on Tour” cycling destinations around the world, and finally the climbing team Sean Grady (High Sports), Ed Booth, Tom Fenwick - ”A year in the life of rock jocks”.   An inspirational variety of outstanding short lectures that ended with a short film of nail biting and sweaty palm drama by the climbers of a second ascent of the potential killer climb Self Harmer.

lowri davis
Lowri Davies,  The lovely Lowri, British & European freestyle kayak Gold medallist and renowned and adventure kayaker, gave us an exclusive account of her most recent ground breaking expedition to Columbia, where she paddled some of the worlds most amazing and remote rivers.

david simmonite
David Simmonite  January 2012  Well known professional climbing photographer Dave gave his audience some new year inspiration  with a catalog of some of his best photos and the stories behind the photos.

andy k
Andy Kirkpatrick  December 2011 Back again and always the crowd puller.  Andy returned with his new book or hilarious & serious stories, all delivered in his now trademark comic style.

vertical sailing

Vertical Sailing Team  November 2011  L-R  Will Stanton (Patagonia), yacht captain Bob Shepton, Sean Villanueva, Nicolas & Olivier Favresse with their unique, prestigious and well deserved High Sports Golden Pitons award for a "we'll never forget" best performance lecture packed full of stunning film, fun, live music and their outstanding achievements on the high seas and big walls of Greenland.  Thanks lads !

pat littlejohn
Pat Littlejohn opened the 2011/12 series, taking us on a journey through his climbing career. From his first new routes in Devon, to massive sandstone towers in Africa. Pictured here with fellow adventurer (and High Sports lecture veteran) Steve Sustad.

ron fawcett

Ron Fawcett lectured during the 2010/2011 series, giving us an insight into what it is like to be one of the best climbers of your time.

dave macleod

Dave MacLeod   January 2011  Back again for another impressive presentation with his 'Totally Focused' lecture. Seen here with Sean Grady (left) and Joe Baxter (right) both members of the High Sports Climbing Team, and beside Dave in the centre are two of the Youngster in the Mountains candidates along on the night to receive their YM Awards, well done lads !

timmy oneil

Timmy O'Neill  November 2010  Timmy came to Shrewsbury during his recent UK Patagonia lecture tour  'It's All About the Fun'  and gave an unforgettable performance which not only included gob smacking climbing tales but audience participation .

vin cox

Vin Cox  November 2010  World Record holder for the Fastest Man to Cycle Around the Globe, Vin after his awesome lecture 'The Great Bike Ride', a spectacular example of dedication to cycling and beating the clock, fantastic opening to the series.

locla spot 10

"The local Spotters" for the last 09/10 Lecture Series. From the left: Adam Booth, Paul Martin, Charlie Leventon, Stuart Cathcart, Dave Barkerand Alastair Tye with the young Olivia Taylor(Youngster in the Mountains Award winner) on his right.

pat winterton

Pat Winterton.  February 2010  ‘Confined to the Cockpit’ An epic Kayak adventure from Wales to the Faroe Islands. Inspiring and committing or what !

emmit houlding

Tim Emmett & Leo Houlding.  December 2009  "The Wild Boys" lecture. A sensational and very funny Double Act presentation which definitely inspired even the most serious of extreme audience. These guys are for sure, not only walking on the wild side of life, but base jumping from it too. Awesome. (Eric Jones in the centre of the photo).

heliker and bracey

Matt Helliker & Jon Bracey  November 2009  Matt & Jon presented their "Meltdown Alaska" lecture. Amazing mountaineering and ice climbing stories and film footage of their new routes in sensational remote areas of the Alaska Range .steve sustad

Steve Sustad,  November 2009 One of the world's most outstanding yet elusive climbers until now! Life and death solo struggles in The Andes, major sea cliffs with Pat Littlejohn, the Himalyan giants: Shivling, Changabang, Broad Peak with Scott, Whillans and Fowler, new climbs in Ethiopia, Kenya and more. An awesome and very inspiring lecture " This and That".

john beaty

John Beatty,   February 2009  A very talented outdoor photographer, incredible modest yet seriously motivated combined with amazing stories "Wild Vision" lecture.

dave macleod 09

Dave Macleod   January 2009  The man that keeps appearing in pretty much all climbing related magazines, from ice to boulders to award winning films.  "Echo Wall", another exclusive lecture by one of the UK's most dedicated and talented rock athletes.

mick fowler

Mick Fowler  December 2008  The undoubted Alpine climbing master returned to impress his audience with his latest extraordinary talk about a foray into the mythical world & huge unknown mountain ranges of China .

andy k 09

Andy Kirkpatrick  November 2008  As always with his hilarious approach to life and climbing Andy presented his "Psycho Vertical" lecture and new book.

martin moran

Martin Moran January 2008  Martin impressed us all with his incredible and full of adrenaline lecture "All Year's Work".

gaz parry

Gaz Parry  December 2007  National and international competition champion, also famed for exploring and establishing hard new routes on remote big walls, Greenland, Venezuela... and Madagascar. A great lecture "Mad in Madagascar".


Tim Emmett, November 2007  Star of the BBC 'Extreme Climbs' programme. Climber, surfer, sky diver and now combining big wall climbing with base jumping descents...What's next? He is due back in 2009 with Leo Holding for sure another great lecture. "Para Alpinism - A New Era" lecture . From left to right: Ali Cathcart, Ed Booth, Simon Cathcart, Tim Emmett, Angus Kille and Sam Robson.

neil gresham

Neil Gresham March 2007  Neil needed little introduction, well known for his unique "Masterclass" DVD and his book "Preposterous tales", Neil's passion for his sport has kept him at the forefront of the world climbing for many years. Lecture "My Top Ten".

alistair lee

Alastair Lee February 2007  Climbing & adventure film producer and award winner Alasatir gave his audience and stunning insight into what it takes to produce the best films with his awesome lecture "Storms of Laughter".

baz roberts

Baz Roberts  gDecember 2006  Baz seen here giving a "Youngsters in the Mountains Award" to the young Angus Kille, just before starting his inspirational lecture "Lost in Greenland".

ian parnell

Ian Parnell  tNovember 2006  The nice guy at the tough end of global mountaineering. "Mountain Mayhem" lecture.

leo dickinson

Leo Dickinson  Novemebr 2005  The man behind the most famous mountain adventure films ever: Eiger Solo, Matterhorn, Ballooning over Everest, Base Jumping... even the iconic Eric Jones didn't missed out on attending this lecture "Wrong Place Right Time",

eric jones

Eric Jones,  January 2005  The legendary man finally agreed to give his a sensational "Life Adventure" lecture, Eiger solo, Ballooning over Everest, Fame and even Sean Connery look alike and much more.

conrad ancor

Conrad Anker November 2003  An incredibly huge event for High Sports. Internationally famed Conrad told of his recent Everest ascent to locate the bodies of Mallory & Irvine during his breathtaking exclusive lecture "Big Wall-Big Fun".

local spotters

The locals Spotters are the adventurous local guys commonly spotted at the "Local Spot" lectures. From left to right: Seamus McCann, Stuart Cathcart, Ed (baby face) Booth, Adam Booth, Roel Driesen, John Edwards, Dave Manby and the comical talented Mike Hawksby.

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