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DW Kayak Marathon

The Devizes to Westminster Marathon is a 125 mile marathon on water where competitors race through day and night in two man kayaks. This year was the 60th anniversary of the event and whilst most people were aiming to finish in around twenty four hours, two locals girls did really well to finish well under that (with usually about one third of the entries dropping out each year!).

Jessica Hosie, who was a recipient of our YM Fund took part in the race at the end of March representing Shropshire Paddlesport. Jessica and her partner Debbie May came an impressive seventh in the K2 Endeavour Class - they were the only female crew to finish and did so in the fastest time since 2001.

Apparently the weather conditions were a bit dodgy but they still managed to finish in a time of 21 hours and 33 minutes, so congrats to you both and keep us updated on your progress in future races!

P.S. Jessica also let us know that she paddled in the first Hasler Series race at Gailey and was promoted two divisions, so well done there too! Is it the Atlantic row next!?


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