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KILLER LOOP 09 Results & Pics

Wind and rain were no deterrent for the 25 road cyclists who started out at one minute intervals from the Minsterley village hall aiming to complete the High Sports KILLER LOOP 09 on Sunday 19th July. The challenge, not a race is 50 miles, 5.000ft of ascent all within a target time of 4.30 hours to claim an exclusive KL t-shirt. A new route every year is kept secret until just before each rider sets off.  After my own sluggish 4 hr 40 minute ride around this years punishing course, a few days earlier, I sympathetically decided to increase the target time to 7 hours allowing more of the field of riders to qualify for a t shirt as the weather was set to remain crap until late afternoon.

I shouldn't have underestimated the driving power that eventually turned in a tally of outstanding performances. It's not a race, always emphasised to each rider, only seems to act like 'a red rag to a bull' as riders pound ever harder on their pedals for individually fast times.  Young Joe Donnelly was even seen running with his bike up the course monster hill climb, at Priestweston, turning in a time of 4hrs 9mins. Others were averaging 30 mph in full Tour de France timetrial mode down the A488 to Lydham.  Even new riders to this kind distance came in with better than respectable times. But Chris Near (with Pilar Near & Sebastian Philips) travelled down from Colwyn Bay leaving around 6.30 am having also ran in the Snowdon fell race the day before coming 8th out of 600 and drank 5 pints of beer the night before, established a blistering time of 2hours 59 minutes. Afterwards he said "it was one of the best events he'd participated in and he's coming back next year". No doubt to improve on his pathetic time !

Thankfully in the wet conditions there were only a few minor'ish incidents, testament to the skill of the riders especially as most were on bone hard slick tyres, descending steep, wet and occasionally gravel covered tarmac. Two crashes (one caused by an inconsiderate car driver), one puncture (the rider is eternally thankful for the assistance of Checkpoint Marshals), one chain break and one watch strap snapped (watch lost, but found by a following rider).

Needless to say every rider returned inside the revised time limit, smashing my truely pathetic time, and got a t shirt to go with two free Mule Bars (THANKS TO MULE BAR FOR GENEROUSLY SPONSORING THE EVENT), and enjoyed the welcome free food and refreshments.

Big thanks to all the volunteer marshals Chris Roberts, John Thorpe, Charlie Leventon, Bryan Philips, Alastair Cathcart, Richard and Alison in the kitchen providing endless sandwiches, tea and cake. Also thanks to Pauline Richards for her annual donation of wonderful thick chocolate and lemon cakes.

All profits donated to the Youngsters in the Mountains fund, approximately £72.

Interesting facts that during the 6 hours whilst all the 25 riders were out on the course they collectively: Rode 1,250 miles (Land's End to J O'groats one and a quarter times).  Ascended 125,000 ft and descended the same (4.3 times height of Everest) all in approx 106 hrs (4.41 days). Average speed of 11.79 mph.  It would be even more interesting to witness an individual rider achieving the same statistics, the Ultimate Killer Ride !

Thanks to every rider for your support for the event, the YM fund and the kind words afterwards. See you next year at the even tougher Killer Loop sometime in July 2010.

You can check, download or print the Time Results for this event by clicking here.


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