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At High Sports we are often at local and national events, races or out on our own adventures. This section of our site serves as a place where we can share our photos and those taken by our customers.

It's not always technically possible to accredit the individual photographer of photos displayed on our website, but we do fully appreciate the contributions from High Sports customers; Charlie Leventon, Adam Booth, Ed Booth, Sean Grady, Pat Novelli, Steve Hughes...  Except where the photos are specifically credited all copyright belongs to High Sports, of which most of the photographs were taken by Stuart Cathcart.

All photos on the High Sports website are displayed in a Low Resolution format. If you would like a High Resolution copy of a particular photo (e.g. you competing in a race etc..) please email your request quoting the photo number or any other identifying details and we will send you a copy. We do not charge for this service but ask for a small donation towards the Youngsters in the Mountains fund.

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Cardington Cracker 2017 Fell Race


Breidden Hills Fell Race 2017


Ragleth Fell Race 2017
Stiperstones Fell Race 2017


Pontesbury Fell Race 2017
Rodney's Pillar 2017 Fell Race Wrekin Streak 2017 Fell Race


Caradoc Classic 2017 Fell Race


Long Mynd Valleys 2017
Cordon Classic 2016


Cardington Cracker 2016


Time Trial 2016


Breidden Hills Race 2016
Long Mynd Hike 2016


Ragleth Inn Race 2016
Stiperstones Fell Race 2016 Rodney's Pillar Race 2016


Batch Bash 2016


Caradoc Classic 2016
Wrekin Streak 2016


Wrekin Fell Race 2016 - Charlie Leventon's
High Sports Mountain Photographer 2016


Long Mynd Valleys 2016
Corndon Classic 2015


Cardington Cracker 2015
Wrekin Wrecker 2015 - Charlie Leventon Photos


Breidden Hills Race 2015
Long Mynd Hike 2015


Stretton Skyline 2015 - Charlie Leventon Photos
Ragleth Inn Race 2015


Pontesbury Race 2015
Rodney's Pillar Race 2015


Batch Bash 2015
Caradoc Classic 2015


Wrekin Streak 2015
High Sports Mountain Photographer 2015


Long Mynd Valleys 2015
Corndon Classic 2014


Cardington Cracker 2014
Time Trial 2014


Breidden Hills Race 2014
The Longmynd Hike 2014


The Longmynd Hike 2014 - Photos by C.Leventon
Ragleth Race 2014


Stiperstones Race 2014
Pontesbury Race 2014


Caradoc Race 2014
Batch Bash 2014


Wrekin Streak Race 2014
Long Mynd Valley 2014


Dash and Dawdle 2013
Pontesbury Race 2013


Time Trial 2013
Valleys 2013


Rodneys Pillar 2013
Cardington Cracker 2012


Corndon Classic 2012
Breidden Hills Race 2012


Time Trial November 2012
Llangollen to Barmouth (Leventons Line)


British Championship Relays 2012
snowdon race
Skyline Race 2012


Snowdon Race 2012
Ragleth Race August 2012
Ragleth Race August 2012


Longmynd Hike 2012

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