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Youngsters in the Mountains

The YOUNGSTERS IN THE MOUNTAINS scheme has proudly presented over 150 awards since it started in 2003. Supported by the annual HIGH SPORTS WINTER LECTURE SERIES and other High Sports fund raising events and individual donations, the scheme aims to help young people realise their ambitions through their chosen mountain sports and activities hopefully encouraging a lifetime respect and love of the mountains. Youngsters from the Shropshire & Powys areas under the age of 18 with a keen interest in any mountain related activity can apply for a modest financial award. The awards are made at the discretion of a selection panel.


The YM Fund - helping young mountain sports enthusiasts; walkers, backpackers, climbers, canoeists, fell runners etc.. Expand Horizons.

Click on the following link for more information about the Youngsters in the Mountain Scheme.

YM Applications are in writing only, forms are available to download here, or you can contact us by telephone, email or letter for a copy to be posted out to you.

YM Donations are always gratefully received, correctly administered, utilised and treated in confidence. Please address your letters to the YM FUND at the High Sports address or ask specifically for the YM Fund coordinator at High Sports. Thank you for your support.

Successful Applicants

Shantell McCarthy  -  March 2014wideboyz

The Wide Boyz, Tom Randall  and Pete Whittaker, took to the stage in February 2014 to expose us all to secret world of hard offwidth climbing. Pictured here presenting a YM award to Shantell McCarthy from Lacon Childe school. Shantell had a taste of climbing at a local climbing wall and wanted to advance her experience by enrolling on a course at the Arthog Outdoor Mountain Centre, North Wales which she attended in June 2014.

Ruth Thomas  -  April 2014IMG_6356 (600 x 450)

Ruth has completed her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and is a keen hill walker now embarking on her Silver DofE award with the help of a YM fund award she now has a new pair of Salomon mountain boots ready for the task ahead. Well done Ruth !

Kaya Saul  -  April 2014

IMG_6357 (600 x 450)

Kaya is a mad keen junior competition fell runner from Shropshire. Having won the 2013 Summer Fell Series he's hoping his dazzling new Salomon Fellraiser fell running shoes will give him the grip to match his relentless determination to win the 2014 Junior Fell Series and beyond. Go for it Kaya !  Kaya is presented with his new fell shoes by Angus Kille himself a 2006  YM Award winner who has gone on to be one of the UK's top rock climbers and a fell runner.

Joe Franklin


Joe is a keen up and coming  photographer, who is going to use his YM grant to travel and seek out some amazing shots.

Milly Home


For an eleven year old Milly is a talented and already accomplished indoor climber and competition competitor;  1st place in the 2011 Midland region  and 8th place British Youth championships 2011. Milly's love of climbing sees her down at her local wall in Newport every spare hour. Milly wants to make the move out of doors onto local crags and expand her climbing experience, to do this she intends to use her YM grant to pay for a course with an instructor.

Lotte Wood

Lotte from Powys intends to use her award to equip herself with a new tent for future backpacking expeditions. She felt very inspired after receiving her grant by the hands of two of the world's top Alpine climbers Matt Helliker and Jon Bracey at their awesome lecture 'Meltdown Alaska' in Shrewsbury last November 26th 2009.

Dante Quartermaine

Dante was recently presented with a Youngsters in the Mountains award to help him afford a decent helmet to attempt a few more trad routes. He has recently notched off Straight Talk 5c, Batman 5 and Red Square 5c at Nescliffe as well as scrambling Tryfan in Snowdonia. He's currently bouldering at v3-v4 and just needs to link a 7a+ at Wolverhampton climbing wall. This is all pretty impressive for 12 years of age, so we hope to hear of him improving even further in the future!

Jessica Hosie

Jessica received her award in March 2008 to support her entry in the Devizes to Westminster-River Thames 2 day Marathon Kayak race. The gear will also help when entering other events throughout the year - more info to come when she reports back to us that she's won all the races she enters!

Olivia Taylor

Petit, bubbly and very friendly, Olivia is a focused hardcore Mountain Girl with high aspirations. Regularly seen blasting up and down the Shrewsbury climbing wall and local crags, with belay dad Mike in tow. Since receiving her award in 2006, for her interest in rock climbing, she’s broadened her horizon of mountain experience to include kayaking, gorge walking, bouldering comps and completed all fourteen Welsh 3,000’s. In a short time she’s created a list of options to guarantee a lifetime of memorable days out in the hills. Well done Olivia!  Since receiving her award Olivia has gone on to great and more impressive horizons like an expedition to Spitzbergan and the Alps.

Angus Kille

Angus has a real appetite for the mountains and the outdoors, in particular rock climbing. He received an award in November 2006 to buy some climbing shoes and other essential equipment to help develop his enthusiasm for the sport. Within a few months he’d worn out his rock shoes, a true sign of dedication, and only 14 years old. At this rate he’ll be the next Patrick Vallencant, the French barefoot extreme climber. Rock On Angus.

Jonathan Hiam

Jonathan was already the national under 14's champion kayaker (C1 Canadian) when he applied for a YM grant. Thanks to the YM fund, he was able to buy the equiment he needed to put him on the front cover of Canoe Focus Magazine, the official canoeing magazine of the British Canoe Union. Jonathan has also now made it onto the British Junior White Water Racing Team in the C2 catagory! After completing his work experience with High Sports John went on to become a part time member of staff.

Jack Harrison

Jack had been Kayaking for 3 years when he approached High Sports for a YM Grant. In 2003 he was the UK leader under 12's youth champion in white water racing and is now competing in the under 14's catagory. Jack is also a member of the the youth development squad from which the Great Britain junior racing team is selected. Jacks award helped him to purchase some 'Legend' wing paddles that allowed him to paddle more economically, for longer and improve his performance. Jack went on to win subsequent competitions, knocking nearly 2minuets off preiviously recorded times!

Ed Booth

Ed presented High Sports with a list of completed routes in Shropshire and North Wales. It was clear that the enthusiasm and drive was there but the access to quality, usable gear wasn't! With the money that he was awarded Ed was able to buy a rope and the bits and peices of gear he needed to be able to get out and climb more without having to rely on others for the loan of gear. As a result Ed has climbed non-stop and led a series of impressively bold climbs, the highlight of which must be his recent ascent of My Piano at Nesscliffe. At E8 this is one of Shropshires hardest routes and a nice tick in your log book!

Will Nicholls

With asperations to become a professional mountain guide, Will was desperately in need of some gear and the opportunity for some experience as soon as possible. Will was able to purchase quickdraws and other such essentials to provide him with the idependance to enrole on nuemerous Plas-y-Brenin courses without having to beg borrow and steal! Since recieving the award Will has made several climbing trips throughout the UK and recorded 30 plus leads on climbs that were prieviously Impracticable due to a lack of suitable equipment and an over-dependency on others.

Jacob Davies

Selected from over 400 young people to represent South Shropshire on a 3 month expedition to Svalbard, Jacob approached High Sports to help meet the cost of the expedition and to supply the gear necessary to survive the extreme temperatures.

"We arrived in temperatures down to -27 degrees and when we began camping we were immediately confronted with frostbite (roughly two-thirds of us - including myself - got frostbite in varying degrees) and the possibility of hypothermia and death if we didn't look after ourselves and our kit."

The expedition was organised by BSES and aimed to provide young people with the opportunity to explore and experience a remote and extremely challenging environment while undertaking field work (e.g. Human performance testing, applied psychology, glaciology, meteorology and ornithology).

While on expedition Jacob came face to face with Polar Bears (the largest land carnivore and the only animal to actively hunt humans!), collected vital and valuable data on the movement of Svalbard's glaciers, endured the worst storms in Svalbard for several years, dragged sledges across the ice for up to 14hrs at a time, Ice climbed and bagged a few summits along the way!

"We've learnt all sorts of mountaineering skills -ice axe and crampon use, snow shelters, belays, anchors, crevasse rescue, assessing avalanche risk etc...and generally built up a feel of how to move around in all terrain in Arctic conditions. I've become more wanting of a simpler existence without the trappings of modern life, learnt a lot about myself and how people work and I appreciate better the fragility of the Arctic environment and the Earth. Thank you very much for sponsoring me on this expedition, and your shops generous discounts, all the best." - Jacob.

William Errington

"Just wanted to say a a big thank you for selecting me to receive your award, I am absolutely thrilled. I really appreciate what your company are doing, and i am thankful to have been given this opportunity to fulfil my ambitions and expand horizons. It is not very often that young people are given the opportunity; there is so much negative press about us".

Bess Robson and Sam Robson

"Thank you very much for the climbing shoes, We've been climbing at the Roaches and the indoor climbing walls"

Tom Fenwick

16 year old Ginger Tom, as he's known by his ever expanding hardcore climbing mates, already has a impressive list of equally hardcore routes ranging from V Diff's to E7. Maybe having a constant smile is one of the obvious success features for attaining such impressive results, life is never boring with Tom in the team. "His passion for climbing runs deep with a knowledge of mountaineering second to non" Tom's teacher. With the award Tom plans to expand his experiences into ice climbing in Scotland this winter 2008/9, watch out Dave Macloed this boy is on a mission.

Matthew Braekwell

Timothy & William Bevan

"Hello Stuart,

Thank you for the Youngsters in the Mountains money. We spent the money on a climbing harness and a helmet each. With this new equipment we have been able to achieve a variety of things. We have been to many places to utilise our new equipment, some of theses places include: Llanymynech rocks; the Alps; Scotland; the indoor climbing wall at Shrewsbury and many more.

In the Alps we attempted to climb Mont Blanc. It was a 4 day climb, however we didn’t make the summit due to altitude sickness but we did make the top of Dome du Gouter (4th highest Alp) and Tim was the youngest person up there that year, so he really was a youngster in the mountains. The equipment has been very beneficial to us for practicing mountain sports."

Gareth Rushton

Shropshire Youth Association

Andrew Stott

Robert Pugh

Debbie Wright

Charlotte Smith

Alison Tyrie

....and many more....

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